My two greatest passions

I recently decided to bring two of my passions together, travel and design, to incorporate photos I have taken and quotes for each destination I’ve once fallen in love with. If you would like one of these for yourself, e-mail me and I’d be happy to send a full resolution version. Is your favorite city […]

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International oddities

Let’s be honest. There are some behaviors, rituals, traditions, etc. other cultures have that we just don’t understand. The same can be said for America, no doubt. Throughout my travels I have encountered fads, foods, and fashions that left me a bit bewildered. Here is a small collection of some of these lovable oddities and […]

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Living in a tourist destination

Sometimes I would become frustrated walking by the Duomo. “I have to get to class,” I thought to myself. “How many pictures could you possibly take from this angle?” I would ride the 148 down Michigan Avenue, get off and become slightly flustered when a group of shopping women were walking a bit too slow […]

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Come together

While in Laos, I partook in an almsgiving. According to the frequently relied upon Wikipedia, the giving of alms is a “spiritual rite which involves giving to another as an act of virtue.” During our almsgiving, my travel mates and I bought rice, candy, and bananas from local vendors and waited in darkness long before […]

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