You asked for it

A lot of bizarre questions have led web surfers to this site. I was quite surprised to learn that several people were interested in finding more information about where to urinate at Machu Picchu (Answer? No idea). While looking through search terms, it occurred to me that you’re asking questions about the same topics. In […]

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A night in Asheville, NC

Asheville is beautiful in the daylight, but when the sun takes its nap, Asheville is suddenly animated by its bright city lights. Street musicians parade the streets of downtown, live music fills the atmosphere of warehouses, dramas, comedies – the thriving nocturnal life of Asheville is in the spotlight.

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Tokyo on the cheap

You’ve heard the rumors. What are the most expensive cities in the world? Paris, London, Tokyo? Well, the rumors are true. But just because certain cities charge more for a cup of coffee doesn’t mean you can’t be frugal when traveling there. Despite its high prices, Tokyo has so much to offer and surprisingly, you […]

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All eyes on London 2012

As we watch athletes from around the world embark on London for the 2012 Olympic games, I couldn’t think of a more befitting post. Although very much like some international cities here in the US, London certainly is one-of-a-kind. From the tourist traps to the slightly lesser knowns, here’s what you might want to check […]

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The joys of blogging

Since 2005, I have used different blogs for varying purposes. In high school, it became an online journal. In university, a forum to post things to make friends laugh. During travels, a way to keep in touch with everyone from home. And now, a guide for fellow explorers. Each was gratifying in its own way and […]

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