Your travel playlist, part two

Magic Men – Paris We’ll go ahead and start this continued list with a cliche… A song named after a famous city. Regardless, Magic Men is an up-and-coming band with a likeness for songs named after locations; give Texas a listen as well. This catchy pop hit is ideal for an upcoming European adventure, or […]

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On finding yourself

I remember one of the first times I felt like I found something I loved doing. I was a high school sophomore in one of my favorite classes, The Basics of Web Design. When I look back on it now, it’s comical to think of the page I was creating. Overpopulated and messy as it was, I remember how […]

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To dare greatly

The older I get, and cliche as it may be, I try to take experiences, both good and bad, and turn them into a lesson learned. Take for example an incident that happened about a year ago while I was visiting one of my best friends in Louisville, very much on a whim. While going […]

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Your travel playlist

Alt-J – Taro If you haven’t yet heard of Alt-J, I’m absolutely convinced they will top your 2014 playlists. Touring and quickly gaining popularity on just one studio album, this British band is one to watch. ‘Taro’ is one of my favorite songs from their 2012 album An Awesome Wave and the accompanying video is […]

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Happy anniversary, R&R!

I can’t believe it has been almost two years since I touched back down in the states after living and traveling through Asia for what turned out to be a truly life-changing year. Truth be told, I have just recently felt content with the path life has led me down and where I currently sit. […]

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